News and Events

June 8, 2019 Parade of Garage Sales

See Spruce Cliff Community Association Save the Dates poster below.

June 9, 2019 Tour de Wildwood
















Road Construction and Detours

How often have you been driving along and run into construction?  Detours slowing you down or taking you out of your way?  Wondering what the construction by the river is all about?  Why not check out the 2019 Capital Works – April map It takes a bit of your computer resources, and you have to be patient but it lists everything happening in the City of Calgary from lane paving, new traffic signals, pedestrian overpasses, transit projects, storm sewers and much more.

Plan ahead.  Check out the map to see what is happening in your neighbourhood and in areas through which you travel.

Safe Boating

Exercise appropriate caution on the Bow River, or any body of water.  Wear your life jacket, do not drink alcohol on the water or before entering the water.  Check out the City of Calgary Water Safety link and the Alberta Government Alberta River Basins site to find information on flow rates.  At first glance you will see a map with a bunch of numbers in circles.  Click on a number near your intended location; the map will zoom in and you will start to see circles with water symbols in them and you will see flow rates and locations.